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Are traditional demographics still the best selling strategy for the future?

By Valerie Geller, President of Geller Media International

Traditional demographic breakdowns we've worked with in the past are no longer relevant. Our society and culture is changing and consumers and audiences are changing right along with it. Since it is important to continue to grow, develop and powerfully connect to audiences and consumers, it is time to rethink how we look at traditional demographic breakdowns.

It hit me during a focus group. I noticed one of our participants, a young woman in her early 20s, saying hello to a 51 year old on her way out. As they began to chat, the years between them melted away. Both had young children, attended the same "Mommy and Me" classes, were both buying mini-vans and had stayed at the same hotel in Disneyworld. Although they were generations apart, they shared the same lifestage. And both comprise the new make up of Lifestage Demographics ™.


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